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I wrote this song after an encounter I had with a little mousey in my old apartment in Boston. My roommate had set up all kinds of traps and I was getting upset thinking about how humans are so quick to kill any little creature that disturbs their life, without thinking about that creature's life at all! There was this one mouse that would always come in my room and keep me company. This is our conversation.


Saw him sniffin' all around the floor
He saw me lookin' and scurried to the door
I said "Wait, Mousey, I'm not like all them other humans.
Please stay and tell me, how ya doin'?"

He said
"Ooo life as a mouse, it ain't pretty
Ooo I'd really love to see the city
Ooo life as a mouse, it ain't fun
Ooo get tricked by a trap and you're done."

He saw me cryin' curled up in my bed
I saw him peerin' and went to turn my head
He said "Wait, Girly, I'm not like all them other mice.
Come here and tell me, how's your life?"

I said
"Ooo life as a human ain't too nice
Ooo I'd really love some great advice
Ooo life as a human ain't too fun
Ooo time ticks and it tocks, then you're done."

We started thinkin' all about our sadness
Then we started laughin' slowly slipping into madness
We said "It's funny how we're not like all them other beings.
Let's go and dance upon our feelings!"

We sang
"Ooo life can be a scary thing
Ooo so this is why we dance and sing
Ooo life can be all kinds of fun
Ooo get tricked by a trap
and time ticks and it tocks
so we click with the clocks til we're done."


from Tea at the Palaz of Hoon, released October 15, 2013
Vocals and acoustic guitar: Evelyn Horan
Flute: Evelyn Horan
Bass: Juan Valdez
Keys: Ben Roberts
Drums: Josh Nathan
Recording: Phil Chmalts, James Knoerl, and Sean Duffy
Producing: Phil Chmalts
Mastering: Jonathan Wyner



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Ev New York, New York

Let's go fly in the sky

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